Cupid Painted Blind Blog Heist

Hi!  My name’s Chelsea and this is my new puppy, Azzie. I’m prob’ly not ‘posed to be here but Miss Olivia prob’ly won’t mind.  Oops, here comes Mister Charlie!  I gots to go!

Chelsea, m’girl, what in the world are you doin’ taking over Olivia’s blog?  He, he, he.  I’m guessing that little blonde angel just wants to tell you all about how happy she is in her new home.  Well, since she’s already hijacked things, I might as well give you guys the scoop.

Ya’ see, Chelsea was rescued from some really bad characters called the Org.  Langston and his friends are gonna start bringing the kids here to live in this old renovated hospital. 

And speaking of Langston, that giant sure did get the wind taken outta his sails.  But who can blame him?  She may have been hired as a maid, but Miss Curtiss is a fine looking woman! 

Course Kristana came to us with some pretty hefty baggage of her own.  Didn’t take Langston long to figure out those voices in her head… ah, hell, I better not spoil things for you guys.  You should read “Tell A Soul” and get the whole story.  It’s a doozy for sure!

You can find Cupid Painted Blind at AMAZON – BARNES & NOBLE – SMASHWORDS

And our story isn’t the only one in Cupid Painted Blind. Make sure you show check them all out!  Liz Schulte, Lisa Rayns, C.G. PowellCait Lavender and Stephanie Nelson.


Sweet Little Lies by Liz Schulte Author of Dark Corners and The Guardian Trilogy The day Femi caught her first bounty she knew this was it; she found her place in the Abyss. However, one mistake, one act of kindness, one beautifully whispered lie could cost her everything–even her life.

Autumn’s Call by Lisa Rayns – Author of The Curse of the Egyptian Goddess
When Autumn realizes death is chasing her, she runs only to be stalled by an unresolved ghost. Is he there to help her? Or does he want retribution for his murder? 

Tell a Soul by Olivia Hardin – Author of Witch Way Bends
He’s the dependable one. The strong and steadfast one. Still, there’s one woman who has always turned his firm resolve on end. Langston is surprised beyond belief to find Kristana again, and this time without a husband. Has fate finally given them the chance to be together? Kristana can’t escape her intense attraction for the strange giant Langston, but the murmuring voices in her head are threatening to drive her mad. Can she find a way to trade one torment for another and thereby find true love?

The Siren Sarina by C.G. Powell – Author of Spell Checked
Being a siren is not all that it is cracked up to be, especially when you play with the gods. Sarina, like all good sirens, has a penance for sex and not with just anyone. This time her prey is Ares the god of war and lover to Aphrodite. Not that Sarina minds stepping on the goddess of loves toes, but when Ares gifts her with the powers of a god, Zeus can’t help but to intervene.

Fool Moon by Cait Lavender – Author of Cowboy Moon
All Jack saw when he looked at Carlie was perfection until she ripped out a man’s throat. Confused by the pull she had on his heart, he is left with the choice to chase after the love of his life or to be left howling at the Fool Moon.

When Opportunity Haunts by Stephanie Nelson – Author of The Gwen Sparks Series
With an eternity as the Angel of Death before him, not much could get under Dorian Hade’s skin–that was until he met Gwen Sparks. She shuts down all of his advances and insists they are just friends. Dorian takes matters into his own hands and tricks Gwen into a romantic weekend away from her ex-boyfriend at a haunted bed and breakfast.

Check out this awesome trailer!


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